Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage uses massage techniques that originated in India from the Ayurvedic tradition thousands of years ago. It is a calming and relaxing treatment that is safe for people of all ages. Indian Head massage works well as a stand-alone therapy but also combines well with reiki.

Benefits include:-

  • relief from stress and anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • relaxation of the whole body but specifically head, neck and shoulders
  • improved circulation and removal of toxins
  • enhances feelings of calmness and tranquility
  • Boosts energy levels and promotes well being

How is Indian head massage carried out?

You will be invited to lie on a massage couch or be seated in a chair, whatever is your preference. Your therapist may play soft soothing music and use scented or unscented massage oils. The treatment includes massage of the scalp, head, face and neck sometimes incorporating neck and shoulders.

£50 for one hour session
£75 for 90 minute combined Reiki and Indian Head massage

Payment received via Bank Transfer, Cash or PayPal.


  • “This was my first treatment and I found it very relaxing. It felt like everything was opened up and flowing. A very good experience, pressure was just right and nice relaxing music too!”

    Doreen P
  • “Absolutely loved it. Definitely want another soon, it was amazing”

    Kate T
  • “Loved it all – the smell was amazing and the actual treatment was so calming and relaxing. It was just what I needed after a hectic week at work on a screen.”

    Cat C