What is Reiki?  

Reiki is a natural healing system based on the transfer of universal energy.

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress or insomnia? If so, Reiki promotes relaxation and stress reduction allowing the body’s own natural healing abilities. This often results in improved sleep and focus.

It is a non-invasive, safe therapy where energy is directed to the recipients body, generally using a “hands off” approach. This helps to promote self -healing and well-being and is suitable for all ages.

Reiki can be used alongside other holistic therapies as well as conventional medicines. There are no belief systems attached to the practice of Reiki and there are no claims to “cure” illness or poor health but it can help to re balance the body’s own ability to heal naturally.


Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th Century. The Japanese word Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) was used to describe this practice of natural healing through energy.  Energy is everywhere, in everything and is as crucial to our well-being as air and water, even though we cannot see it.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

 You will be asked to sit or lie in the most comfortable position that suits you. Your Reiki practitioner may use essential oils/candles and may play some gentle background music to help you relax. The treatment consists of the practitioner positioning their hands above the body, using universal energy and intuition to guide the practice. Occasionally, a “hands on” approach may be used for specific healing but this will always be discussed prior to the session. Some people experience a variety of sensations including heat, cold, tingling, seeing colours, while others may experience very little during the session. Often, a sense of calm and relaxation is felt both during and after the treatment and some people experience an emotional response.

Distance healing is also another form of Reiki treatment that can be experienced wherever suits you. Particularly useful for people who are housebound or who may find travelling to a treatment centre difficult; you will be encouraged to find a warm, quiet space wherever you choose, perhaps lighting a candle or diffuser and playing soothing background music. The Reiki practitioner will direct the healing to you and you choose to accept it at whatever time suits you.  This type of Reiki has been used to send energy and healing to all parts of the world wherever the recipient is. It has been used in times of disasters and atrocities to share peaceful energy and care to those most in need.

£50 for one hour session – initial consultation included in price.
£75 for 90 minute combined Reiki and Indian Head massage

Payment received via Bank Transfer, Cash or PayPal.


  • “Before I went to Chris I had no experience of Reiki, and was slightly sceptical of its benefits. However, I found the whole experience hugely beneficial. Chris creates a warm and welcoming environment and the session left me feeling deeply relaxed. Afterwards I felt like someone had pressed my re start button, as it really improved the quality of my sleep and ability to concentrate.”

    Claire D (Edinburgh)