How to be mindful

Being mindful doesn’t have to mean sitting for hours on end in a quiet space, as nice as that would be. We can all incorporate a little bit of mindfulness into our daily activities. Mindfulness means being present in the moment, so next time you have a cup of tea or coffee really be aware of what you are doing. Feel the heat of the cup in your hands, notice the steam rising from it. Take time to smell and really appreciate the whole experience, even before you taste. When you do finally taste, try to notice where in your mouth the liquid is, how it feels; milky, sweet, strong, bitter. Appreciate its flavour… and thats just one sip!

You can be mindful in many other day to day activities, why not try a mindful shower – really feeling the water on your skin and hair. Noticing the sound of the water and how it feels on different parts of your body – these are things you do every day but usually we are too busy to appreciate them. They don’t have to take long… take one small step today to being more mindful.