Adult and Kids Mindfulness

Welcome to the Mindfulives website. My name is Chris Maxwell and I have been a Primary School Teacher for over 20 years and before that a Nurse and Health Visitor. Over the last several years I have become increasingly interested in Mindfulness, initially just for myself but when I realised the benefits I started to use with colleagues and the children I taught. I then trained to become an adult mindfulness teacher and then a children’s mindfulness practitioner and teacher with the award winning Connected Kids programme.

I have also trained as a Reiki Practitioner: – Reiki Levels 1 (Shoden) and 2 (Okuden) in the Usui Spritual Energy Healing Method (Usui Reiki Riyoho) at Healing Hands Edinburgh.

I currently offer adult mindfulness courses and taster sessions, corporate mindfulness classes, Foundation and Professional Level Training of the Connected Kids Mindfulness Training Programme and Reiki Healing.

To find out what classes are available visit our training courses page or choose one of these options to set you on your own path to mindfulness:


  • I went to MindfuLives mindfulness taster session last night and it was just exactly what I needed after a stressful week. Chris explained mindfulness beautifully and demonstrated exactly how powerful our minds can be. By the end of the session I could physically feel the stress lifting out of my body. We all need more of this mindfulness in our lives. Thank you Chris

    Leigh Fell
  • “I have a great interest in mindfulness and how it can help us all in our daily and ever more hectic lives – Chris’s presentation was very comprehensive and professional.”

    Nurse at Spire Hospital taster session
  • Chris is quite simply wonderful. She has the ability to guide you to a peaceful state when carnage is all around.

    Aileen Mc Killigan
  • “Chris Maxwell led the mindfulness session which was very informative and will definitely be of useful especially during times of short staffing and sickness.”

    Nurse at Spire Hospital taster session
  • “This was my first time doing mindfulness, Chris explained well the theory behind it. I totally relaxed during the session, concentrated and was transported – my headache disappeared and so did any worries, felt peaceful afterwards. Will attend further sessions that Chris is going to hold.”

    Nurse at Spire Hospital taster session