19th August to 7th October 2021 – Eight Week Mindfulness Course for adults

This is an 8 week Mindfulness Course for adults starting Thursday 19th August-7th October 2021 7pm – 9pm. Maximum six people – this course may be moved to “online” if Covid restrictions are in place. Refund offered for Covid related reasons

Thursday 19th August 2021- Thursday 7th October 2021 inclusive
7pm- 9pm.
The course is suitable for beginners and anyone with an interest in deepening their own meditation practise. It is expected that participants will attend all 8 sessions and complete suggested “homework tasks” – approximately 30 minutes per day. The course is based on the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training and research has shown that such programmes have been helpful for people who have suffered with depression. Please feel free to contact chris@mindfulives.co.uk if you have any queries about whether the course is suitable for you.

The Course will cover:

• Waking up to Automatic Pilot,
• Keeping the Body in Mind,
• Being Present in Mind and Body,
• Moving Beyond Rumour and Recognising Reactivity,
• Turning Towards Difficulty,
• Responding Skilfully, Not Trapped in the Past,
• How Can I Take Care of Myself and
• Your Mindful Life

63 Meadowhouse Rd Edinburgh EH12 7HR
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£160 for the 8 weeks or take advantage of the early bird booking £150 before 05/08/2021. For more information please email chris@mindfulives.co.uk or phone/text 07504301497.